In honor of Black History Month: Arthur G. Gaston, is today’s honoree. Being an Over Achiever aka Go-Getter myself, I really enjoyed reading his book and it’s still in my prized possessions. In the 50’s he started hustling sandwiches during his lunch break when he worked hard long hours as a coal miner after serving in WWI. Slowly but surely in the 1960’s he was the richest black man in America. Started the first black insurance company, first black owned motel, promoted voting rights, and was the secret financier of the Civil Rights Movement. He personally bonded out Martin L. King (once paid $160k bond for Dr. MLK) and other members of the movement. His wife, Minnie Loveman, played a huge part in creating and maintaining the businesses. He owned his own bank, “Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Association,” one of the leading black-owned banks in the United States. Mr. Gatson is the one who made the funeral business into profitable enterprise. His biography was written by his grandniece, “The Black Titan.” Don’t fumble- take it to the house! Get that book…

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Very positive and outgoing. Author and Mentor. Love life and those around me. “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire,” is the title of my 2nd book.
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